Samsung to introduce 4 tablets in early 2014, report says

Samsung is rumored to release 4 new tablets… just in Q1!

When you release as many devices as Samsung in any given year, there are bound to be a slew of rumors that seem like they never stop. According to SAMMOBILE, Samsung could debut at least 4 different tablets at the beginning of 2014.

A lot of the time, a big percentage of devices released by Samsung never make it to the United States, so it might not seem like its raining tablets like we’d hope. However, it should come to no surprise that we are getting our fare share of variety from the tech giant. It is rumored that the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite could be introduced, making it the cheapest Samsung tablet yet. Another rumored variant is a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note, and a 13.3-inch tablet as well.

All of these rumors would be great to see, especially because Q1 isn’t that far away!