Samsung refreshes Galaxy Note 4 with Tri-Band LTE Advanced support


Samsung on Monday debuted a modified version of its plus-sized Galaxy Note 4 which amps up the overall capabilities. The refreshed Note 4 features LTE Advanced (LTE-A) Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation (CA), which means peak download speeds of 300Mbps. That is, of course, once those sort of networks are available.

Users can download a 700MB video in about 19 seconds or 10 songs with 40MB in about one second.

Samsung indicates the tri-band CA configuration can support LTE Category 9, or theoretical max download speeds of 450Mbps. As you likely know, current network setups are nowhere near those speeds.

Looking ahead, South Korea will be among the markets to offer the much faster LTE service in the coming year. None of the U.S. players have announced anything in regards to improving LTE networks to this end.

Samsung has not announced where or when the new Galaxy Note 4 will be sold; pricing will be outlined in the future.

Samsung Tomorrow

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