Samsung tied to rumors of 5-inch device for CES

Samsung is rumored to be prepping a 5-inch 1080p HD display for an upcoming device that could be unveiled at the International CES or Mobile World Congress. Considering just about every other player in the industry has started down the path of such screen sizes and resolutions, it was only a matter of time before Samsung got involved.

Rumors suggest that Samsung will have a 4.99-inch full HD display ready for CES in January and that it could find its way into the next Galaxy S model. Should this be true, then we might see a demo of the technology or a prototype device in Las Vegas. Our instincts tell us that Samsung won’t have a Galaxy S IV ready to go for another few months. ¬†Considering how well the current iteration is selling it would be downright dumb to start chatting about a successor.

The next few months will see a proliferation of HD displays from LG, Sharp, Sony, and HTC.  Just as 2012 was the year that 720p HD screens showed up in top models, 2013 will be all about that 1080p image.

Source (translate) via SammyHub

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