Samsung’s New Smartphone Naming Scheme has me Wondering if Samsung has Seen too Many Movies

Trying to invent recognizable and distinguishable names for smartphones can be quite daunting and it seems Samsung is tired of the headaches and confusion. Apparently some “experts” have gotten together and devised a new naming scheme that looks more like a movie rating system than anything else. Branching off of the success of their Galaxy S line, Samsung has decided to start naming its phones using a single letter denoting its class.

Starting with the Galaxy S, all S models will represent top of the line flagship devices and then tier downwards based on specs and price. The rest of the classes will go something like this:

  • Premium R Class (Royal, Refined) – Costing between 200-400 euros
  • High-Tier W Class (Wonder) – Costing between 200-300 euros
  • Mid-Tier M Class (Magical) – Costing between 130-200 euros
  • Entry Y Class (Young-minded) – Costing below 130 euros

Also added into the mix are feature specific labels such as “Plus,” “Pro,” and “LTE.” Increased specs in an otherwise similar design will feature the “Plus” (Samsung Galaxy S Plus). Devices with a QWERTY keyboard will get the “Pro,” and LTE supported devices will get the “LTE” branding.

At first glance, the naming system looked okay, but after really thinking about it, I’ve realized it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. I’m all for a simplified naming scheme but once you start branding a certain device “Young-minded” or anything specific to an age, you have committed sales suicide. Sure it’s great for parents to know that the Samsung Galaxy Y is designed for the “Young-minded” but what “Young-minded” kid is going to want to walk around with a smartphone that basically labels them a child. Do you really think any kid out there is going to want to whip out their “playschool” phone in front of all their friends who are rocking Samsung Galaxy S IIs? See what I’m getting at? Bad idea!

Well, only time will tell but I’m going to go ahead and chalk this one up as another Samsung fail unless they smarten up and ditch all the labeling.

Source: Unwiredview

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