Scoreloop Offering Cross-Platform Social Gaming Support

ScoreloopLogo_480Scoreloop,  a mobile social gaming technology provider has announced that they’re offering cross-platform support with the addition of Android.   Using their Core Social technology, developers and publishers can integrate the same social features found in their iPhone games.  With Scoreloop, Android players can challenge iPhone users and vice versa.  Further, it’s possible to create a universal leaderboard and login for players.  No need to create different profiles for different platforms.

We’ve had great success on the iPhone and we’re now bringing social gaming capabilities to Android for a complete cross-platform experience – Marc Gumpinger, Scoreloop CEO.

Social features available in both Android and iPhone games:

  • Online High Scores
  • Achievements
  • Player Challenges – Players challenge friend or foe on social networks like Facebook, by email, or using Scoreloop’s auto matching system which pairs opponents with like skill
  • Profiles – Track a buddy’s standing and brag about Challenge records
  • Social Network Integration – Publish scores and achievements to a wall and invite friends to join in on the fun
  • Cross Promotions – Discover what friends are playing by intelligent cross-promotions based on their gaming activities
  • Virtual Currencies – Reward players with Coins for attaining achievements or completing Challenges and let them use these to unlock or extend game content


Scoreloop offers these services to developers and publishers for free by monetizing via referral revenues and coin purchases. Developers  interested in trying out Scoreloop with their game are encouraged to contact Scoreloop global business development and Premium Integration Services at: [email protected]