New Screen Compatibility Modes Coming to “Near-Future Release of Honeycomb

The Android developers blog has a post up today which should be considered good news to owners of large screen tablets.  According to the team, a new version of Honeycomb is coming in short order and it will have a built-in feature that will make more apps compatible with the 10-inch screen size.  How so?  Simple.  Any app that has not been written for Honeycomb (3.0+) tablets will present users with a pair of screen mode options – “Stretch to fill screen” and “Zoom to fill screen”.

Those of you with tablets larger than 7-inches have probably encountered issues along the way where games sit in a tiny window, surrounded by a bunch of wasted space.   I can’t count the number of times I have uninstalled an app from my Tab 101. simply because it didn’t fit the screen.  This new, unnamed version of Android should help clear things up for the most part.  Although it’s not a total fix, it somewhat optimizes apps and games for the larger tablet experience on the back end.

Look for Android 3.2 to arrive in the coming days with additional features such as support for more processors and smaller screen sizes.