Seal Force fights to rid the ocean of toxic neon krill!

Nordisk Film Games Publishing (Marbians) today announced that December 15th will see the arrival of their new Android game, Seal Force.  Using a combination of in-game path-drawing mechanics and auto-running gameplay, you’ll be in charge of three seal commandos.  Your guys, Fonzie, Sarge and Milo each have their own personalities and strengths but all will be important in helping rid the ocean of the dangerous and deadly toxins.    Borrowing heavily from the drawing styles of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Seal Force will be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

Seal Force features:

  • Control three experienced seal commandos – Fonzie, Sarge and Milo – to clean the oceans of krill that have been afflicted by deadly and colorful toxins, before innocent animals consume them!
  • Get ready for the chase of your life! Complete missions and fight through waves of colorfully diabolic enemy krill before hunting down the evil villain Krillian.
  • Combo frenzy – Use Seal Force’s line-drawing controls to perform crazy combos – taking out multiple krill at a time and racking up shells.
  • Upgrade seals to complete missions – Use your hard-earned shells at the Seal HQ to upgrade your seals with special weapons, suits and gadgets.
  • Buy additional shells as in-app purchase to get cool items faster.

Look for Seal Force to arrive for free in the Android Market on December 15th!