Seesmic App Gets UI Update, Integrates Chatter Functionality

If you haven’t tried out Seesmic for Android, you’re definitely missing out. It’s a great social networking client for Android, with a lot of great features, and it just got better. Seesmic has updated their Android app, giving it a brand new UI and some integration with Seesmic’s Chatter application. Users can now read their Chatter feeds, view contacts, profiles, and groups. They can comment, post updates, as well as cross-post updates to and from Twitter back to a Chatter account. The new UI includes a “common actions button”, making it easier to do things you frequently do with the app, like compose a status update or refresh the feed.

Seesmic has also made it easier to stay in touch with your friends. They’ve added an auto complete feature for your friends’ user names on Twitter. You can also view all photos you attach, including their size. With the new Seesmic app, you can now see full, threaded conversations between you and your friends. More languages are also available with this new upgrade. You can now use Seesmic in Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Polish, and French.

It looks like Seesmic has covered all the bases with this one, so we encourage you to download the new version of Seesmic and try it out for yourself. You can download the app by searching “Seesmic” in the Android Market, or scanning the QR code below. Have you already tried the new Seesmic? What do you think about it?

Source TechCrunch