Select Sprint locations opening doors at 8AM for EVO 4G LTE

Itching to replace your EVO 4G smartphone with this year’s true successor, the EVO 4G LTE?  All that comes to an end this Friday (May 18) as the HTC handset arrives at Sprint stores around the country.  While most locations may open at their normal 9AM or 10AM starting time, a smattering of them will get started a few hours earlier.  According to multiple press releases hitting the carrier’s newsroom, various stores will open the doors at 8AM.

As of press time, these are the markets which will see the early start time.

  • D.C. Metropolitan Area
  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • Massachusetts
  • Miami
  • Georgia
  • Texas

Should your city or state not be listed yet we suggest refreshing or revisiting the newsroom throughout the week.   Another way to find out is to simply call your local store and ask them. We can imagine that many of you would love to grab one of these on your way to work this coming Friday.