SetCPU Updated! (Root Users)

The popular application SetCPU has been updated to v2.0.4 which brings support for the new HTC kernels. According to the changelog it now has  perflock disabler support for HTC kernels and  A new feature which will make “flashing junkies” happy is the ability to backup/restore or even email the existing profiles.  Requested by many users, this is a nice addition.  There is also a fix in the new version which takes care of an issue which caused the widget to crash.

This application is available to XDA users at no cost, but we highly recommend going to the Android Market & purchasing this application to support the developer.

In case some readers aren’t aware, SetCPU is an application which allows over/under clocking the processor in your rooted Android device.  Profiles can be created to “underclock” the device when the screen is off, which can have a nice effect on battery life while the phone is not being used.   I recommend placing the widget on your home screen for easy access.

Check out the screenshots for a quick reference as to what this application can do for you

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