Sharp Announces Worlds First Clamshell Android Phone

An interesting announcement from Sharp today, as they have launched the worlds first Android powered clamshell flip phone.  Introducing the Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh, an Android 2.3 device with a 3.4 inch flippable touch screen.  It has some impressive specs under the hood, including a 16 megapixel camera!The specs for the 007h are as follows:

  • 1 GHz second gen Snapdragon
  • 16 megapixel rear cam
  • Front facing cam for vid chat.
  • 3D ready display, with a 3D TV tuner.
  • Dropbox and Qik apps pre-installed

The phone is being released in Japan first, but Sharp has plans for a world wide release sometime in the future.  This is a pretty beefy handset spec wise, the 3D ready display and TV tuner is an interesting addition as well.  More news on this as it is released.