ShopSavvy follows Google, releases a wallet service

If you’ve been interested in Google Wallet and other similar apps, Shopsavvy has just updated to version 5.0, and they’ve added a wallet feature to the already popular app. The name, however, is abit misleading because as Alexander Muse points out here, saying “Google Wallet is like a credit card – ShopSavvy Wallet is like a pocketbook. Both are handy, but they serve very different purposes.” Essentially, the new version allows users to convert local purchases to online purchases, without ever leaving the app, it will automatically fill in the requisite form information, (name, credit card, shipping and billing address, etc…) and make the purchase for you without you ever having to go to their website and search for the item and enter that info yourself. But they really ought to take the hint that tech journals everywhere are assuming from their use of the term “wallet” that they’re competing with Google Wallet.

So we’d like to know as Google Wallet users, is this something you will check out in addition to your Google wallet, or does Google’s offering take care of enough of this for you not to want to worry about another app holding your sensitive data? Drop a comment below! You can also download the updated ShopSavvy app by using the box after the break.

Source ShopSavvy Blog