Sike! KTF Ain’t Working on No Android Devices

It’s been a matter of hours since we reported that founding Open Handset Alliance member NTT DoCoMo is working on an Android handset with KT Freetel (KTF).  We were expecting a device in 2009 for  20% less cost than current, run-of-the-mill smartphones.  The truth is, we can probably expect this to happen.  The only difference now is that KTF is saying that they’re not involved in it.

Android is free and will save OEM’s lots of money.  That’s not rumor.  What is rumor though, is everything else.  Until drawings, videos, and pictures start leaking, we can’t substantiate things from companies simply based on words alone.

Unwired View is now reporting that KTF and NTT DoCoMo “never held discussions on the joint development of a smartphone model.”  Okay.  Back to your day.


  1. You seriously went to all the trouble of making that big graphic? The word is “psych” not sike (which isn’t even a word).

  2. I think Android Guys are doing a great job lately, definitely moved on in the last few weeks!

    Why do people like Billy pick up on stupid things when this site is only trying to deliver the latest news?

    Keep up the good work guys!

  3. I don’t have to think about how “psych” is spelled, I actually learned how to spell in school. What a concept. Learning in school.


    Sike is totally a word. I know because I learned how to use a dictionary in school. And it certainly doesn’t define “psych” the way it’s used here.

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