Smash through a beautiful futuristic dimension with Smash Hit [App of the Day]

Imagine a world and another dimension where you must smash your way through everything in harmonisation with music; that’s exactly what you have to do in Smash Hit for Android.

Breakable objects are placed in your path as you progress as a marble through various levels and you have to smash through them to clear your path. There’s over 50 different levels with 11 different graphic styles for the obstacles, all coupled with mechanics for breaking the glass obstacles which looks fantastic. A simple concept which is executed to perfection.

If you’re feeling like getting a bit of anger out by smashing obstacles, or want a challenge trying to progress through the levels, then Smash Hit is definitely for you. You will find yourself constantly coming back to Smash Hit as you get addicted to the fantastic graphics and mechanics the developers have included in this game. Smash Hit is available for free in the Google Play Store.

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