Sony Ericsson Provides Information Regarding the Linux Kernel on Xperia Devices

Sony Ericsson once again proving they are “developer friendly” in their latest line of Android devices.  Just over a month ago, we highlighted about SE’s plans to allow developers to unlock their bootloader using a website on a handful of new Xperia devices.  Now they’ve gone a step further and are providing extra information regarding the Linux kernel.  A tutorial on building and flashing kernels is now available on the SE Devloper Blog.

What is the Linux kernel?
The Xperia™ line of smartphones run on the Android™, the mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel. Though it is only a small part of the operating system, the kernel ensures that all other processes in the system are synchronized to work together properly.

Why rebuild the kernel?
Rebuilding the kernel enables end users to make modifications to their devices that are normally not intended by the device manufacturer, such as theming the device by changing system icons and removing/modifying system components. Please note that Sony Ericsson is not recommending this.

As always, we want to make note that doing any of this will probably void any warranty the device has, and to take extreme caution when modding/hacking your Android device.  We love to see OEM’s taking the extra steps to enable further development of their devices and Sony Ericsson is leading the way.  We can only hope other manufacturers follow suit.


Source: SE Developer Blog