Sony Ericsson LiveView coming to UK

If you are in need of yet another gadget to clip onto your person and connect into your personal info network, keep on reading.
Sony Ericsson is releasing the Sony Ericsson LiveView, a Bluetooth-capable display that can be held in your hands, saving you the hassle of getting your Android handset out of your pocket while in your vehicle, working or exercising. 

The LiveView will be hitting the UK on November 19th for £50, thats ($80 USD) The LiveView has a color  OLED screen, 2 physical hard buttons and 4 soft buttons to control your handset remotely.  They even thought of including a clip and a wristband, which shows what market they are pursuing by releasing this device.

The unit pairs with Android phones that are running Android 2.0 or higher, and uses a companion application to make it all play nice.  Is this unit a must have?  Not sure, but it is nice to see some accessories coming out that fill niche needs.

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