Sony Ericsson ST18i Leaks Again

Sony Ericsson Urushi ST18i


The Sony Ericsson ST18i or “Urushi” as it’s also known has leaked again since we briefly covered it here. It’s powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon chipsetwith a Scorpion CPU, an Adreno 205 GPU and 355Mb of RAM.  A little meh if you ask us….All of this is a little underwhelming amongst the dual core handsets we’re starting to see, but I guess the world still needs mid-range devices. It’s running 2.3.3 with SE’s usual custom user interface, a 854 x 480 resolution 3.2 inch screen with the Bravia mobile engine and an 8MP snapper with LED flash and 720p video recording on the back. Take a look at GSMArenas coverage if you would like to see some more photos.

Source: Engadget