SoundHound Infinity Is Free Today In Amazon’s Appstore

Amazon continues the promotion of its new Appstore. Today’s free premium app is SoundHound Infinity (usually $4.99).

Like the more commonly known, Shazam, SoundHound allows users to tag songs. However, unlike Shazam, it’s also able to figure out a song if you hum or sing it. Say you’re listening to a song on the radio–all you’d have to do is activate SoundHound. After a few seconds, it will tell you what the song is, as well as provide relevant links and sound clips. It happens to also be much faster than Shazam.

The free version of SoundHound already offers unlimited free tagging (unlike the free version of Shazam), but with Infinity, you also get a homescreen widget for quick tagging along with an ad-free experience. The devs behind the app are also promising more awesome features in 2011. That makes having the premium version a no-brainer, especially considering today’s unbeatable price.

Check out the Amazon Appstore for the deal… SoundHound Infinity