Sphero releases latest augmented reality game, The Rolling Dead

The lovable little orb, Sphero, is now your sidekick in the fight against the undead. The Sphero team announced on Tuesday that a new augmented reality game is available to play for those of you who purchased the smartphone-controlled robot. It’s called The Rolling Dead and it’s a cute and fun way to get your zombie fix anywhere and everywhere.

Using Sphero as a fireball-shooting warrior, you must battle against virtual zombies as they spawn out of the ground. Shoot them with fireballs, collect flaming power ups, and roll away to stay alive.In this exciting twist on the zombie craze, the world becomes a video game and you choose the surroundings.


  • Destroy endless hordes of zombies using the power of augmented reality.
  • Look through the camera on your device, find Sphero, and see the mayhem unfold before your eyes.
  • Play anywhere and watch zombies spawn right out of the ground.
  • Gain zombie-destroying ammo simply by driving Sphero around.
  • Gain a fiery power-up that turns Sphero into a flaming ball for maximum zombie destroying potential.

To learn more about Sphero, or to order one for yourself, head to GoSphero.com. The Rolling Dead is but one of nearly two dozen titles that come free with the robot.

Those of you who own a Sphero, you can download The Rolling Dead here.