Is Sprint 3G and 4G Data Traffic Routing Through the Department of Defense?

So there I am, with some time on my hands, and I start up some reading on the Evo 3D forums on XDA, when I come across an unusual thread (warning – some foul language in the link). It states that Sprint users should try something out… and prepare to be stunned. So, I follow instructions: pull off of my Wi-Fi, get onto 3G, open up a terminal emulator on my phone and get my 3G IP address. I then take that IP address and do a WHOIS search online. And what, pray tell, is the result? Get this:

OrgName:        DoD Network Information Center
OrgId:          DNIC
Address:        3990 E. Broad Street
City:           Columbus
StateProv:      OH
PostalCode:     43218
Country:        US

Um… wow? Perhaps some explanation is in order. Your IP address is a unique number given to any device on a computer network — say, for example Sprint’s 3G network. A WHOIS reveals the owner of said IP address.

So, what does this mean? Nothing definitive, by any means, but it’s interesting, to say the least. Does it mean that the Department of Defense is watching your every move on your phone? Again, it’s hard to say what the government involvement level is in this case, but it no doubt exists in some fashion.

[quote_left]What does this mean? It’s interesting to say the least.[/quote_left]To keep things even more interesting, there have supposedly been a lot of network slowdowns for Sprint over the past week or two — could this have anything to do with it? Also, anyone on any different carriers, I encourage you to do the same thing, and let us know the results.

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Source: XDA Forums

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