Sprint has another two Spark-ready smartphones coming this year

Sprint has at least two more smartphones coming this year which will offer support for the carrier’s brand new LTE service, Spark. These two are in addition to the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Mega, and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini announced yesterday. What’s more, they’re not the HTC One Max, either.

According to CNET, Sprint held a press event in California yesterday where they had a pair of devices hidden under cloth and glass. The carrier would not name either model but did provide a handful of clues to help narrow things down.

Reportedly, one is a smartphone that will be introduced “in the coming days” and feature a “number of ‘firsts’.” Given the world can’t stop chatting about the Nexus 5 and its rumored debut any moment now, we suspect that this is a possibility. Adding to the fire is the ongoing expectation that Sprint will offer the Nexus 5.

As for the other smartphone, we are told to look for a refresh of a top-selling model currently available. Looking at Sprint’s lineup, the two that make the most sense would be either the Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S.