Sprint to Continue Evo 3D Bloatware Policy With Future Devices

It would seem that one of the carriers has finally heard the cry for no bloatware, as Sprint is planning to continue the policy of allowing users to remove bloatware apps on future devices. This all started with the Evo 3D, when Sprint gave owners the option of uninstalling bloatware, such as the Sprint Nascar app, from the device without the need for root. Sprint apparently did this after getting customer feedback about bloatware on past Android devices, such as the Evo 4G and Epic 4G, and it looks like they’ll be continuing this policy for future devices.

We haven’t heard about implementing this option into older devices, but we’ll try to get some more details. In the meantime, are you glad that Sprint is listening to customers and giving them the option to remove bloatware? Wish you carrier was as awesome? Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Mobile Burn