Stickygram: magnets made from your Instagram masterpieces

So you’re a big fan of Instagram now, huh?  How would you like to show off some of your favorite pictures in a more real-world, offline capacity?  Check out StickyGram, a service that turns your images into magnets to slap on the fridge or filing cabinet.  Magnets are sold in bundles of nine for only $14.99 and can be shipped to virtually every country around the globe.  In honor of Instagram coming to Android, StickyGram has set up a promo code (HELLOANDROID) to save 15% off the total cost of your first order!

Our unique process produces a flexible yet durable magnet that displays the quality of your original images. Stick them on your fridge, locker or any magnet loving surface you can find.  Each pack is hand checked by a member of Team StickyGram before it goes out the door to ensure each pack is top notch.

In other fun stuff, the guys at StickyGram put together a magnetic mosaic made with roughly 11000 magnets, and drove it around the city of London on the top of a black cab.