Stolen Opus One Ends up Online

opus_one_aam_01Here’s an odd tale of sorts.  A YouTube user who goes by the handle of jay84305 allegedly grabbed a Motorola Opus One from somewhere in Florida’s South Beach area after a Motorola or Sprint employee dropped it. He then decided he would post a few pictures and videos of it.  As of now, the videos have already been removed.  Our friends over at AndroidAndme were able to pick up a couple of screen grabs from the videos prior to deletion. We used one these pictures at the top left of this post. Apparently, the videos detailed the push-to-talk feature the video camera and some other Android basics.

The story takes a slight turn from here.  After putting his Boost SIM card in, Jay decided to reach out to Sprint Nextel about the handset. Supposedly they replied to him saying that they are testing it and that he’ll start seeing campaigns related to it online and through other outlets.

We’ve reached out to Sprint a couple of times in the past regarding other handsets that were in development (HTC Hero, Samsung Moment) and were met with much less of a response. We got the “we cannot comment on handsets that have not been announced” canned email. Ironic.

So to recap: A guy who happens to be a Boost customer finds a phone on the street.  He reaches out to the carrier and gets a validation of sorts.  He also knows about hands-on videos and decides to upload a few of his own.  Said videos are then taken offline, leading us to believe it’s a legitimate phone, possibly nearing completion.