SugarSync includes video syncing in latest update

When it comes to preserving those cherished photos and videos taken with your phone, your best bet is always going to be backing up them up in some fashion, and your computer is typically going to be the safest choice, what with the account-hacking paparazzi and all. Still, the steps and time involved to sit down at your computer and do this manually can be inconvenient. SugarSync takes over, ensuring that your prized memories are never lost in the event of  your phone being stolen or (more likely for me) your phone being the victim of a tragic rooting accident. It does this using cloud networking, and with SugarSync’s latest update, it even syncs videos along with photos.

You can download SugarSync from the Market by using the box below. The full press release can aldo be found below. So we want to know, do you use cloud storage to back up your files? What’s your service of choice? Sound off in the comments!


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SugarSync Introduces AutoSync for Mobile Videos; The Easiest Fastest Way to Sync Videos from Android Devices to Your Computers 

SugarSync Provides Automatic Sync of Videos from Android Devices to Computers – No Wires, No User Interaction Required

 SAN MATEO, CALIF., Jan. 4, 2012 – SugarSync, a free service that actively syncs your files across all your computers and devices, today announced a new release of its free Android app, which now applies SugarSync’s AutoSync technology to mobile videos. In addition to automatically syncing photos, SugarSync’s AutoSync technology now also syncs mobile videos as well – making it the easiest way to get your mobile videos from your Android device to your computers, without wires.

Also announced today was SugarSync’s new iOS app, which improves mobile photo and video syncing for iPhone and iPad. Please see the “SugarSync Revamps iOS App To Make Mobile Photo & Video Sync Simpler Than Ever” press release for more information.
“Our AutoSync technology has been a huge hit with Android users because it eliminates the hassle of having to use physical wires to backup and sync your photos from your Android device to your computers,” said Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync. “Getting mobile videos off users’ devices is an even bigger problem, because these files are larger and take up more space on a user’s device. By expanding our AutoSync technology to now automatically backup and sync videos as well, we eliminate a huge headache for Android users – and make it easier for them to share their videos instead of leaving them on their devices.”
Just Shoot Your Videos – AutoSync Does the Rest
Yes, it really is that easy. After you install the app, just take a video using your device’s built-in camera, like you normally would. Behind the scenes, SugarSync will detect the new video and when you have a WiFi connection, will back it up to the Cloud and sync it to your computers in your Mobile Photos folder. It is truly a zero-step process to getting your videos from your Android device to your computers.
With videos typically being larger files, we purposefully built AutoSync Videos to respect your data plan and battery. AutoSync Videos will only run when you’re connected to a WiFi network – even if you’ve set AutoSync Photos to be allowed to run on 3G. This helps ensure that AutoSync Videos won’t burn through your data plan.
Benefits of AutoSync for Video
With SugarSync’s AutoSync Videos technology, users can:
· Free your mobile videos – Liberate all those great mobile videos you’ve taken from your device, without ever having to think about it.  AutoSync automatically backs them up and syncs them to your computer.
· Keep your mobile videos safe – Even in the case of a lost device, you can be sure that your videos are safe. AutoSync has been backing them up and syncing them in the background.
· Say goodbye to the hassle of wires and cables – Many users resist syncing and downloading videos from their mobile devices simply because it is too complex and time consuming. Put the wires away, and let AutoSync take care of the rest.The new SugarSync for Android app is available today for your Andorid phones and tablets. Download it now in the Android Market or from the SugarSync site.
About SugarSync
SugarSync is a free service that helps you sync your life. With a simple download on your computers and mobile devices, you have access to all the Cloud has to offer. Need access to all your files from any computer or mobile device? Check. Need to sync your stuff across all your devices? Definitely. Need to share large files with your friends? Yep, we do that too. We’re truly a one-stop shop for the best of the Cloud. If you like Dropbox or iCloud, you’ll love SugarSync.
Launched in 2008 and based in San Mateo, CA, SugarSync currently has millions of users worldwide. Brands such as BestBuy, Lenovo, SanDisk, France Telecom-Orange, Korea Telecom and more have selected SugarSync as a partner to bring Cloud services to their customers. For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter @sugarsync ( or on Facebook:


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