Surprise Delay for Google TV Causes a No-Show at CES

LG, Sharp, Toshiba, and Vizio were all set for the stage  to unveil their version of Google TV at the upcoming CES show.  Unfortunately, Google has pulled the plug for now.  Google felt that the software was not yet ready, and instead of releasing an inferior product, they have forced the providers to hold off the launches for what New York Times calls “an unspecified amount of time.”

Electronista states that the expected changes are a special GTV optimized version of the Android Market, a better Netflix interface, PIP (picture-in-picture) and some other random goodies from a firmware update.

Electronista continued to say from a technical aspect:

In technical concerns, the Atom processor has also struggled with any non-video Flash sources. Most Google TV hardware from Logitech and Sonyalso carries a significant cost premium, either over Internet-focused video devices like the Apple TV and Roku XD series or else existing Blu-ray players and TV sets that in many cases have their own basic Internet support. Best Buy has further warned of steep drops in TV sales that will have punished Google TV more than others for its high prices.

This is some tough news for Google TV overall, with CES supposed to be it’s “coming out” party, even though it has already released. We will keep you informed as we hear more about this developing story.

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