Surprise! Google Play Music works on Glass after latest update

Each month, just a few days after the latest Google Glass firmware is released, Android Police sifts through its contents to try and decipher what Google is working on for future updates.

The last few months there has been an increasing amount of code visible, all pointing towards Google gearing up to launch Google Play Music on Glass.

Well, as it turns out, XE11 has enough code left in it to get the current Play Music APK running on Glass.

Phandroid has laid out directions on what Explorers will need to do in order to start using Glass with Play Music. I have gone through the directions and can confirm, it’s all working. There have been some minor issues, but that’s expected at this point.

I’m currently seven or eight songs in to my listening experience (which isn’t super impressive with the bone conduction speaker) and the battery is draining faster than the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon‘s LTE network.

With that said, I am still happy to see Google Music controls on Glass. If Google can somehow find a way to give me the option to listen directly on Glass or control another device’s playback from Glass, I’ll be ecstatic.

Fellow Explorers who want to partake in the listening party should follow the Phandroid link above for full instructions.