Releases new Android app Complete with Interdevice Romance

The nine-language news and information platform produced by the Swiss public broadcasting corporation announced a new Android app today. While the app features the usual mobile feed of news and weather, it’s a companion video released by that has garnered much attention.

As we all know, the Swiss are famous for their “neutrality,” and would like everyone to know that “neutrality” extends into the mobile realm as well. The video entitled “The Phony War” pits an army of Bug Droids and iClones in a good old fashioned “Attack of the Clones” battle, and even includes an iDevice Optimus Prime, which at this point is pretty ironic. Mayhem and death ensue until an electrifying event causes two devices to fall in love “Hollywood style” and skip off into the lush green hills of Naboo.

These fellas definitely have an imagination and it wouldn’t be the first time they introduced an iDevice/Android peace treaty. They quietly snuck a Bug Droid into a crowd of Swiss warriors in a parody of Swiss history designed to pitch their iPad app. While their message of coexistence and interdevice romance may fall on deaf ears around these parts, they have accomplished their mission of discovery. Seriously, how many of you would have even though about before seeing these videos? Kudos to you

Download the app: news