T-Mobile not a fan of shared data plans

Don’t look for T-Mobile USA to jump on the coming bandwagon that is shared data plans any time soon. Speaking in a blog post late last week, T-Mobiles Andrew Sherrard (Senior Vice President of Marketing) indicated that the “one size fits all” model is not what consumers truly want. What’s more, he and the carrier believe that these new plans will be potentially confusing and expensive to mobile subscribers.

Both Verizon and AT&T have indicated that they will be announcing shared data plans later this summer however Sprint hasn’t made any noise. Considering they are the only carrier to offer an unlimited rate plan with unlimited data they may be the last to do anything on this front. Presumably these shared options will be appealing to those with multiple members of a family who need a bucket of data. Further, they should also speak to those of you who have multiple devices such as a smartphone and tablet.

T-Mobile believes they have the right plan of action with their data options, including the recently announced no-contract plans that range between $15-$50 per month. And even while they throttle the speeds down to a crawl, there’s no worry of overage fees for the user who accidentally goes over the allotted data. Finally, T-Mobile reminds us that their 5GB and 10GB plans include the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot which lets user share 4G data with up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices.