T-Mobile skipping HSPA+82 in favor of LTE network

T-Mobile USA’s Andrew Sherrard has confirmed that the wireless carrier has dropped plans to build out an HSPA+82 network and has instead opted to focus on LTE. Of course this is more than a few months off as T-Mobile hasn’t quite finished building up its 42Mbps network. Even thought they’ve already expanded the reach of their HSPA+ network, there are still markets on the roadmap. However, once completed, T-Mobile plans to have its LTE network up and running a bulk of the top 50 U.S. markets by early 2013.

…Sherrard notes that T-Mobile won’t be selling any more handsets that don’t support 3G, which means that the total 2G load on the network will reduce over time; in other words, no one should feel an impact from losing that 2G capacity…

Head to The Verge for more on T-Mobile’s plans.

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