T-Mobile’s Smartphone Equality levels playing for field for all credit scores


T-Mobile on Thursday introduced a new program that aims to give everyone the same chance at best available device prices. You know that credit score that’s been haunting you for the last few years? T-Mobile doesn’t care about that. All they wanna know is that you’ve been good with them for the last 12 months.

Called Smartphone Equality, it’s T-Mobile’s way of recognizing that you’re a good customer. After all, you’ve paid your bill on time for the last year. Why can’t you qualify for the same prices as others? Shouldn’t you be able to get that zero down, low-monthly equipment rate, too?

Customers qualify by paying for their wireless service on-time for 12 straight months. That’s it. Every single customer with a monthly voice plan can qualify to get the Un-carrier’s best device pricing and financing − including $0 down on the hottest smartphones with no interest and no credit check.

Smartphone Equality kicks off on January 25 and becomes immediately available for existing customers. To that end, T-Mobile says there will be many subscribers who are eligible for the best pricing.


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