Take our HTC Quiz and win a FREE solar charger! (GIVEAWAY X5)

UPDATE: We’ve pulled the winning names and emailed the lucky folks.  Thanks to all of you who participated, we will be back with more great stuff to give away!

  1. John Montes De Oca
  2. Nancy Williams
  3. Jason James
  4. Joseph Case
  5. Rick Brewster

Pssst. Hey you, come here. Want to win a free Soladec solar charger for your electronics and mobile gizmos? Of course you do. We’ve got five of these sitting in the office and we cannot wait to get them in your hands. We recently reviewed the device and simply adored the thing. We’re pretty darn sure you will as well. So, to that end, we’re going to give them away to five lucky winners.

Here’s how you get your name entered in the drawing…

Take our HTC Quiz below and score 100% and you are automatically qualified for the prize. We’re going to limit the quiz to the first 500 people (or 48 hours) just to ensure we don’t overlook anyone or goof up. See, we’ve got big things planned for these quizzes and polls we’ve been asking lately. We’re going to start out slow here but soon we’ll be having all sorts of fun.

This particular HTC Quiz is only 5 questions and should be pretty simple for most of you guys. If you’ve followed Android over the last few years then this stuff will come to you right away. On the other hand, there’s nothing here that a little Google magic can’t answer.

Once we have 500 entrants or the 48 hour period ends we will randomly select five winners. We’ll be using the email address you use to log in at the beginning of the quiz. Good luck!

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