Tapatalk v2.0 shows off many improvements and new features, available now

Tapatalk is easily the most popular mobile forum browsing application for Android. It’s quite handy, with a great interface that makes any supported forum easy to navigate. Free to most forum owners, it’s very easy for an Admin to set up his site so that it’s users can feel at home while “on-the-go.” Today we’ve been given an update to the latest version 2.0, which is quite an improvement. Their forum illustrates their “timeline” and I’ll walk you through it a little bit.

Day 1 Revamped UI – the new layout is an improvement over previous version with the ICS style tab, revised color combo to make reading forums on Android more enjoyable

More Social: Improved support of Thanks and Likes, along with the new layout:

Day 2: Like and Thanks

Ability to Like and Thanks – supporting more forum system:

Day 3: Private Conversation

Private Conversation is now supported in additional to traditional Private Messages. Private Conversation is a thread-like conversation – both IPBoard and xenForo are supported – we also aim to migrate existing traditional PM-based forum system to this new interface.

Day 4: Account Sync

Starting in 2.0, your username and associated forums will be synced among your other devices, supporting both iOS and Android – also your username and forums will be restored after you uninstall and reinstall the app. Everything are transparent, you do not need to register any “Tapatalk ID” to get this to work. Also password are not stored in our server.

Day 5: Improved Image Upload – streamlined interface to provide faster upload with less taps


The official Changelog looks like this below.

What’s new in this version:

  1. Introducing Tapatalk 2
  2. Account Sync
  3. Tapatalk 2 sync all your forum accounts among all mobile devices with Tapatalk installed. Works on iPad, iPhone, Android phone, tablets and BlackBerry.
  4. Forum Recommendation
  5. The best forums are not necessary the biggest. Discover new and emerging forums with our Recommendation Engine in Tapatalk 2.
  6. Better Interface
  7. A new look & feel w/ revamped interface allows you to focus on your conversation & latest discussions. Works great on Android ICS.

You will find the new Tapatalk v2.0 on the Google Play Store with minimum requirements of Android v2.0, which should be everyone!


Source: Tapatalk Forums