Tether Your G1 and Share That 3G Speed!


Alright, so admittedly, this article isn’t for everyone.  It’s for the select few out there with G1’s who live in a T-Mobile 3G market.

Your day of harnessing that 3G speed to power your mobile computing has arrived!  Tethering your Android handset to your PC is now possible without needing root access.  It is possible to get a full internet and email experience on your laptop without messing with all kinds of settings on your phone and/or computer.

Previously available for Windows Mobile, Palm, and iPhone, PdaNet is a simple download from your laptop. Hook your phone up via USB, and you’re off!  Okay, so you don’t need to have 3G to do this.  You could always use EDGE in those instances where you have to get online.  Of course, that’s what your G1 is for anyways.

But wait, there’s more!  As an added feature that anyone with a G1 can appreciate… your phone will charge at the same time!

Source: GoogleAndBlog