Tethras Takes Android Apps to the Global Level


Applications are part of what makes Android what it is today. Sadly, many apps don’t make it out of American markets, mostly because of language limitations. Well, Tethras aims to solve that problem, as they’ve launched a Location as a Service (LaaS) platform. Tethras will allow developers to translate their apps into over forty (yes, that’s 40) different languages, giving them a larger pool of users. Developers can see a preview of the app once it’s translated, to make certain adjustments if needed. Tethras is also cloud-based, so data is backed up and syncs quickly. The Tethras team hopes that devs will take advantage of their service, and get those apps out to the masses across the pond.


They’ll be attending AnDevCon on November 6th, so if you’d like to know more about their service, you can contact them and schedule a meeting there. This looks like a killer platform, and should help Android apps reach new audiences, which is always good for hardworking developers. The full press release can be found below.

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Tethras Takes Android Apps Global in 40 Languages with Localization as a Service Platform, Now Available to Mobile Developers and Publishers


Company uses innovative Localization as a Service approach to streamline developer experience


SAN FRANCISCO – Oct 26, 2011 – Today Tethras, a leading mobile app localization platform, announces its official support for the Android platform. Previously running in beta, Tethras now fully supports localization of Android native apps. Developers looking to take their Android apps global can sign up for Tethras’ localization service by visitingwww.tethras.com.


Tethras now allows for Android app developers to translate their apps into over forty languages – just in time for AnDevCon in early November. Tethras’ localization service enables Android developers to tap into new streams of revenue in relatively untouched global markets with ease. Tethras streamlines the localization process and eliminates the need for project managers, allowing Android developers to spend more time creating and less time maintaining and updating their apps for multiple markets.


According to comScore, recent stats show that Android became the U.S. smartphone market leader early this year, overtaking BlackBerry. The iPhone was third. And, according to Google, there are 580,000 Android smartphones activated every day –now totaling over 190 million Android smartphones activated worldwide. With so many Android devices penetrating the global mobile market, from Europe to East Asia, developers have the potential to reach an unprecedented number of users with their products.


“Every aspect of an Android app must be translated in a way that is both linguistically and culturally appropriate for targeted markets abroad,” said Tethras co-founder and CTO Brendan Clavin. “Developers that localize their apps have the best shot at breaching local app rankings and attaining positive consumer feedback, leading to more downloads and revenue.”


As the world’s first Localization as a Service (LaaS) platform, Tethras enables translators and developers to preview what a translation will look like within the app itself. This results in a more accurate translation. In addition, Tethras is a cloud-based service, so updating and managing translations is a pain-free process, seamlessly integrating with the app development workflow. As a result, developers and translators can work together more freely and efficiently.


The Tethras team will be attending AnDevCon in San Francisco on November 6. To schedule a localization consultation please email [email protected] to schedule a time to speak with the Tethras team.


Watch this video to learn more about what Tethras does:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1W4xcPvCAY


About Tethras


Tethras was founded in 2010 by Brian Farrell and Brendan Clavin to provide complete localization services for mobile app developers. The online, automated service is integrated directly into development workflow and provides a fast, uncomplicated solution at significantly reduced cost. With a full multi-region community of translation experts in over 40 languages, developers can reach global markets with ease.