Thumb Keyboard review: The keyboard your tablet always needed – 50% off for a limited time

Your tablet is a great asset. Bigger than your run-of-the-mill phone, it gives you the opportunity to use your favorite mobile OS on a slightly grander, much more efficient scale. One issue? Trying to use the darn thing while still being able to multi-task elsewhere. If you’ve got a tablet (especially of the larger variety, such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1), you know what a pain it can be to try to type as you move around or keep a free hand available; many would say they’ve lost their favorite device to the welcoming jaws of a hungry concrete floor that way.

Enter: Thumb Keyboard. From the app development company Beansoft, this app is a full-fledged replacement keyboard for your device, and is easily one of the most customizable – and common sense – keyboard replacement options.

Upon downloading the app, you’ll need to activate it in your phone’s settings, by going to settings > Language and Keyboard, and checking “Thumb Keyboard”. After that, just choose it as your phone’s keyboard, and you’re all set.

You’ll notice a couple really cool things right off the bat – one of them being the layout options. There’s a split keyboard, shown here:


There’s also options for a full-fledged keyboard (like the one that comes standard with Android), and a one-handed – yes, you heard that right – option. The one-handed option is great. It makes one side of the keyboard a blank slate that you can hold your tablet with using one hand, while putting all the keys on the right side. Best part? It doesn’t pick up your touch on the holding side on the screen, allowing you to touch the screen without impeding your ability to type.

There’s also a ton of themes, everything from a stock android look to pink skulls and crossbones, high contrast, and more. The app will normally set you back just $2.50 or so, but is currently on sale for $1.29.

What We Liked

  • Customization options
  • Different layouts
  • Makes using a tablet or large phone easier

Room for Improvement

  • Less lag on typing

[download_link link=””]Download Thumb Keyboard (Google Play)[/download_link]

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