Tip: Set Any File on Your Phone as Your Homepage

Sometimes, we take for granted the simple pleasures in life, and we also seem to forget that in our browsers, we can view local documents in addition to those on the web. This is no different for our mobile browsers!  Any and every file on both our computers or our phones have a path that the system reads to find it.  When choosing a homepage, you can enter that path (or website address as the case may be).  The browser then directs to that file.  For example, to open a file called filename.html that is in a directory called html on the sdcard, the url is file:///sdcard/html/filename.html.

The advantage is that, since it’s a local file, it’ll take no time to load. For example, you could set up a simple web page with common links you use.

Thanks to Bill Eastman for the tip!