T-Mobile HSPA+ Now Broadly Available Throughout the Northeast

Earlier today, the big magenta announced that they will finally be expanding their HSPA+ network through the Northeast. Now, all of you lucky T-Mobile customers using 3G Android phones will be able to experience a major boost in speed.  We have been checking here in Albany, New York all evening but haven’t seen anything yet, but speeds should increase in the next few days.  As someone who watches a lot of streaming media, I can’t wait.

For those who don’t know, the HSPA+ wireless standard delivers download speeds up to 21Mbps (although most current phones only support 7.2Mbps).  This is quite a bit faster than Sprint‘s Wimax network.  Another good thing about HSPA+ is that customers can keep their current 3G phone to experience the boost.  T-Mobile does not require you to purchase any new phones(unlike some of their competitors).  It is also important to mention that T-Mobile doesn’t charge you an extra ten dollars per month to access these HSPA+ speeds like Sprint will be.

Are any of you guys experiencing a speed boost in the Northeast? What are your download speeds?  If so, let us know!

Source: Press Release

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