T-Mobile’s Confirms Dell Streak 7 at $199.99 After Rebate, Due February 2nd

T-Mobile has taken to twitter today to share a bit of good news relating to their upcoming Dell Streak 7.  The 7-inch tablet has been officially confirmed to run $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a two-year service agreement.  The tablet drops on February 2nd where customers can snatch it up from their local store or through the internet.  This price comes in slightly lower than the rumored cost from a few weeks back where it was looking to fetch $330.00.  We wonder if this is the barrier point for tablets that will not be introduced with Honeycomb now that multiple carriers are inching the costs down for the Galaxy Tab.

So, given the price and carrier, are you picking one of these up later this week?  Are you ready to climb into bed with a two-year agreement or are you willing to wait a little longer for an Android 3.0 tablet?  T-Mobile’s next tablet, the LG G-Slate is due in short order, where it’s expected to be running the tablet-friendly version of Android.