Todoist for Android updated with Google Now and DashClock support

While Todoist is available for multiple devices and platforms, today the to-do list app for Android received a major update when it was updated to version 2.1 that integrates it with Google Now and DashClock.

If you’re not familiar with Todoist, there is both a free and paid version to help you manage your tasks. In the free version, you can sync your tasks across all your devices, save your todo list to the cloud, add and manage unlimited tasks and sub-tasks and more, then with a premium account you get all those features plus the ability to set up and receive reminders through SMS, email, or push notifications, you can get more organized with task notes, colorable labels and powerful filters, and track and improve your productivity on

The latest Android update lets you add things to your to do list just by adding it through Google Now.

The company says that when you open Google Now or just say “OK Google” in Android KitKat with the Google Experience Launcher, and say something like, “note to buy bread,” a “Buy bread” task will be created automatically in Todoist, without you ever having to open the actual app.

There is now also support for DashClock, so you can view your Todoist tasks without unlocking your device. To do this, enable the Todoist extension in settings in the DashClock lockscreen widget.

via Todoist

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