Todoist announces new location notifications, coming soon to Android

Today Todoist announced that its task manager app on the Web and iOS now offers users location-aware notifications and the feature will be coming to Android sometime in the next couple days.

The Android functionality was going to be released along with the other versions, but a spokesperson said that the company’s Android team stayed up all night and weren’t able to finish it in time, but it shouldn’t be too long before it releases.

If you’re not familiar with Todoist, there is both a free and paid version to help you manage your tasks. In the free version, you can sync your tasks across all your devices, save your todo list to the cloud, add and manage unlimited tasks and sub-tasks and more, then with a premium account you get all those features plus the ability to set up and receive reminders through SMS, email, or push notifications, you can get more organized with task notes, colorable labels and powerful filters, and track and improve your productivity on

Todoist says that it’s the first task manager app on the market to offer location alerts on both mobile platforms.

The way the location-aware notifications work is that if you’re setting a reminder, such as “call the accountant” or “pick up dry cleaning,” you can set it to alert you went you arrive at or leave a specific location.This is accomplished thanks to integration with Google Maps and Apple Maps.

“… a list of your favorite places will automatically appear with options ready to select. Additionally, you can always search Google Maps or Apple Maps to pin-point and add new locations to your list. Todoist will save your last 10 identified locations so that you can easily select those recently and frequently used.”

While the location reminders can be managed from any platform, even Gmail or Outlook,  they will only be available to iOS or Android device users. Once available for Android, everything will setup automatically, but on iOS, you’ll need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn on Location Services and Reminders.

The new location-aware notifications are a premium feature part of the paid Todoist Premium, which costs $29 a year, but Todoist is offering a free 30-day trial and all users have until until 9 p.m. EST Sunday to sign-up.

If this is just what you’ve been needing in your life, check out the source link below.

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