Having Trouble With New Android Market? You’re Not Alone

For most folks, the new Android Market app received over the last few days is one heck of an awesome new experience. For others, however, they are finding the distribution portal has been less than desirable. We received a tip earlier this morning from an aggravated reader (TheNewShaft) who has been seeing errors when trying to access the “my apps” section. For those unaware, this is the area previously known as “downloads”.

Quite a few people myself included are seeing an error (Attention A server error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to the previous screen.) whenever this section is accessed. This is not fixed by clearing the cache, reverting to an earlier market version, hard resetting, verifying access to the google checkout account or rebooting. The funny thing is you can still buy apps & they install fine, the market also ‘knows’ if you have an app installed it just wont take you to the ‘downloaded app’ screen. I’ve done some digging & found that I’m not the only one with this error that seems to have popped up over the weekend, I’ve included some links to the relevant Android Market help forums.

And, doing our work for us, TheNewShaft attached five links showing the problem is rather widespread.  It looks to be affecting multiple devices across various versions of Android.  Anyone else having this issue?  What have you done to fix it – anything at all?