Uncovering a Slew of Samsung Trademarks

As some of you guys may know, I love to dig through the US Patent and  Trademark Office for any clues as to potential handsets.  While some like to trudge around in the FCC, I spend my time looking for any trademarks for to things that might make for a cool sounding Android phone.  Late last night I came across a bunch of Samsung trademarks that have been applied for over the last few months.  

To be fair, some of these may end up as Bada handsets, others could be feature phones.  I tried to filter my results down for “smartphones”.  If any of you have insight into any or could shed some light on things, I’d love to hear from you.  Of course, I’d keep any super secret stuff anonymous!

Here are the names and their accompanying filing date:

  • Samsung Spectacle – May 3
  • Samsung Transfix – May 3
  • Samsung Showcase – May 3
  • Samsung Mesmerize – May 3
  • Samsung Admire – May 3
  • Samsung Appeal – May 3
  • Samsung Exhibit – May 3
  • Samsung Focus – May 3
  • Samsung Epic – May 25 (Likely the Epic 4G)
  • Samsung Aviator – June 1
  • Samsung Dive – June 21
  • Samsung Stitch – June 23
  • Samsung Smart TV – July 6
  • Samsung Transform – July 13

Which of these feel like they might make for the coolest device to you?  Naturally, I am intrigued by the Smart TV filing, but Transform sounds like it could be for a dual-screen phone or something with a new form factor.   You know, maybe something that might be running an Orion processor…

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