Update to Schwab Mobile Brings Check Deposit Functionality

It’s only been a couple week since Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. released their mobile app, chock full of future feature promises (try saying that last part again!). Well, unlike most apps that keep you waiting, and waiting… and waiting… Chuck has quickly delivered on one promise: Mobile Check Deposits! One of the most sought after features in a banking app; being able to effortlessly deposit checks using your mobile device. Users can now choose an account, input the deposit amount, snap a photo of both the front and back of the check, hit submit, and voila (well, not really that simple)! Schwab customers will surely appreciate this one, considering the scarcity of local Schwab branches.

I’m impressed with the speedy update and with more on the way, this is looking to be one useful app. If you haven’t already checked out Schwab Mobile, here’s a recap of what you’ll be getting as a Schwab cutomer:

  • Manage your investments with the ability to view current positions and transfer money between accounts.
  • Keep an eye on market news and real time quotes.
  • Easily trade stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and more.
  • Deposit checks by simply taking a picture.

Check out some screenshots and then head on over to the Android Market to download Schwab Mobile.

Source: Charles Schwab via CNET