Updated Grooveshark Android App Blows Away Others Music Apps

When Grooveshark first released an Android App back in early December, many users, including myself were extremely excited.  Unfortunately, the app failed to live up to many expectations as it was not free (requires a VIP membership) and very buggy.  However, this week the Grooveshark application was updated and while it is still not free ($3 VIP monthly membership) it is now amongthe best music applications on the Android platform.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the service, Grooveshark is an online music search engine, streaming service, and recommendation tool.  Think of it as Pandora, but you can actually search for specific songs and create specialized playlists. The updated app, pictured below, removes most of the bugs which gave users problems, as well as gives users the ability to search for songs(searches are processed very fast, even over EDGE), build a playslist within the app, sync playlists with the online version of Grooveshark, favorite songs, and make songs available for offline playback (although this doesn’t work as well or clearly as I would like).

The music quality is not as good as that of Pandora, but it is almost there. If you are a fan of Grooveshark and Android you should check out the update! For me, it’s hands down the best music app on Android at this point and it’s only going to get better.