Verizon debuts $199 16GB Droid Razr

Verizon has quietly let it be known that they have begun offering a 16GB version of their Droid Razr handset, listing it with a $199.99 price tag. What’s the difference between this and the one that was announced back in November? Simple – this one has 16GB internal storage and no included microSD card. Oh, and it’s $100 less than the first go’round.  The main reason for offering at the discounted price is because there’s a bigger, better Droid Razr (Maxx) on the way that will be sliding into the $299 price point. Of course, the 16GB Droid Razr still features microSD card expansion so don’t fret about losing out on the potential for additional memory.

Just for the sake of comparison, we thought we’d point out that Amazon offers the Droid Razr (16GB storage & 16GB microSD) for $169.99 right now.  Just sayin’…

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