Rumor: Verizon to launch Droid RAZR Ultra and RAZR M Ultra from Motorola

Just a little while ago, we saw a leaked shot of an Android smartphone by Motorola, which is probably the Motorola X Phone, but still it is not 100% confirmed. Now @evleaks on Twitter tweeted that “Coming to Verizon: Droid RAZR Ultra, RAZR M Ultra, from Motorola“. This is the first time we have heard about these new Droids, and @evleaks is one of the most legit sources around. They have made such rumored statements in past as well, and they turned out to be true.

UntitledMaybe, the Droid RAZR Ultra is the name of Motorola X for Verizon Wireless, but of course I can be wrong as well. Anyway, that’s what we have for now. Tell us what do you think about it in the comment box below.

Source: @evleaks