Verizon trying new retail store design; much to the likes of Apple Stores

Verizon Wireless currently holds one of the best positions among the 4 major carriers in the US. Arguably, it has one of the best services and devices in the American market, but it seems like their retail store designs need a bit more work. Verizon plans to fix this issue, and is currently trying a new clean and simple design concept.

While many of us have moved to online purchasing, there is nothing like walking into a store to check out the latest devices. This is a method that is still used by the majority of the population. And while tech savvy consumers may find it a breeze, Verizon stores can be very confusing (currently).

Current Verizon Stores

The stores are usually filled many posters, and if you have seen “Droid” advertising, such posters are not very clear (robot eyes and machines). There are usually many devices (many times non-working) in the walls, accompanied with a sign that states the name and main features.  It is a visual revolution.

Verizon’s new concept attempts to make the sledge & hammer experience much more enjoyable. Similar to Apple Stores (which has a very successful design), the new design is substantially cleaner and less confusing. This is a technique that carriers are starting to catch up on. T-Mobile has already done something similar (albeit Magenta’s design looks a bit more like a club).

The idea is that there is more walking space (3,100 square feet), providing a much more flowing environment. The tables are simple and clean, the walls are not bombarded by advertising, and there is good lighting and space to check out the (working) gadgets.

The first Verizon concept store (Evlution 2.0) is located in Toms River, New Jersey. The store will also be fully-staffed, with 21 full-time employees. This will get rid of all the waiting one usually has to do. Sounds like a great store, right?

This concept store was opened last Sunday, so if you are around the area, be sure to look for it. And we certainly hope that Verizon can soon incorporate these tactics to the rest of the country. Check out the images and let us know what you think. Do you believe this concept is better? Why? Have any of you been to this new store?

 New Verizon Store Concept

[Via Pocket Now]