Viewsonic’s 10.1 Pulled from Shelves, Citing “Manufacturer’s Defects”

The Android tablet war has not been a great one so far. Let’s face it, the graveyard is far deeper then the trophy wall right now. We know we’ve got some really great stuff on the horizon, but for the moment it doesn’t look good. Not too long ago, I reviewed the Archos 10.1, which is one of the better devices on the pile to date. Viewsonic’s Android tablet was looking pretty good for awhile there, but now after launch we are seeing these devices pulled from the shelves. Why you ask? Viewsonic claims defective units, but I’m not convinced.

I first used the Viewsonic nearly six months ago. It has a 10.1 inch display, and a Tegra 2 processor. How could you go wrong, right? Unfortunately the screen wasn’t the best quality, the casing felt cheap, and their version of Android was undercooked to say the least. I withdrew my judgment, however, since it was not a “final release” state. When the device was finally release, I was disappointed to see that not much had changed. This tablet could be really impressive with the right people working on it, and Viewsonic MAKES displays as their primary business, so they should be able to put together a pretty decent machine, right?

This shady withdrawal from Viewsonic leads me to believe I am wrong. Unfortunately it seems that, rather then admit that mistakes were made and the device was rushed, we’ll see a “fixed” version of the tablet at a later date. Viewsonic reps were unavailable when asked if or when their 10.1 tablet will return and what changes they plan to make, so until we know more we will have to wait and see.


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