Will they, won’t they? Samsung still weighing Galaxy S III announcement for MWC

While we debate the veracity of the rumored Galaxy S III specifications, Samsung is in the midst of their own internal situation.  More specifically, they are weighing whether or not to even announce the new handset series at Mobile World Congress in February.  With about one month to go before the annual event, Samsung is said to be “reviewing several options when to launch.”  In other words, they have not ruled it out just yet.

Speaking on an earnings call from earlier this week a Samsung executive acknowledged that such a device actually exists. When asked a question regarding a launch date, Mrs. Younghee Lee replied, “We are still reviewing several options when to launch. We will let you know when it’s decided.”

Rumors surfaced just days ago that Samsung was going to hold off announcing the new flagship line at Mobile World Congress. One reason that has been tossed around is that the company doesn’t like the long gap between international and U.S. versions. We’re no fans of that agonizing wait either and would love to see our respective carriers pick up the models as soon as possible.

Another reason for a possible delay might be in the testing of multiple versions of the Galaxy S III. We’ve heard from a number of places that Samsung has been prepping both a dual-core and a quad-core iteration of the handset.

With only a few weeks to go between now and Mobile World Congress we’re beginning to suspect the Galaxy S III won’t be part of the agenda.  Samsung will typically send out save the date emails or teasers for an “Unpacked” event well ahead of the show, something they’ve yet to do this time around.